Moubootaur Legends Wiki

About Us

TMW-2: Moubootaur Legends is an open source MMORPG project developed by the community and for the community. We believe that players should be rewarded for merit, and not for game time or luck.

In this game, the player is given the opportunity to permanently change the world and its story, affecting all players forever, mainly by events and quests. The players are free to decide how they want the world to develop, and their actions change the storyline, besides always being able to join the Development Team.

Moubootaur Legends runs in the ManaPlus client, also opensource, and our game have its code database licensed under GPL 3 and resources (GFX,SFX,etc) typically under CC-BY-SA, although GPL content is also present.

A list of contributors can be found here.

The project is currently lead by Saulc.

About the Team

Everyone is free and welcome to contribute, and express fully their creativity. See the Contribute if you want to join us! ;-)

We are always open to the community, who can get in touch with us easily for whatever they want. (Eg. complains about quests, bugs, game balance, etc.) There’s a #world channel where you can directly enter in touch with everyone, even when they are disconnected.

However, to protect our users, this democracy does not extend to the server, limiting itself only to the game. So don’t even bother asking for privileges ingame, because this is a NO! :smile:

See our Hierachy for more information about current staff and participation.

Mission, Vision, Value


Short Version: To make a fun MMORPG.

Reward players for merit, and not for game time or luck. Allow players to be the masters of the game, deciding how it progress, by playing the game, without the need to become a contributor or talk with developers about the game development.

Respect every freedom, accomplish our vision, and follow our values, are both part of our mission statement.


Finish the game until 2021, release a stable server, give a special hat to the betatesters (everyone who played the beta game before stable game release). Maintain both server running continually.

Post-Release vision: Nurture and foster the community, provide support, allow game to expand past the five story arcs according to players actions.


We believe in freedom. This game is a free software and always will be. However, we do not believe that a freedom should restrict other freedoms. This means that for us, all freedoms are equal. That’s why we support non-free software like Discord, hand-in-hand with free software like IRC (Libera Chat).

Also, we mostly agree with Code of Conduct and Core Beliefs for the team. We copy-paste it below.

We do welcome everyone, whatever your ideological, political, ethical or religious views happen to be. We welcome you no matter what field or profession or academic background you come from. We do believe in dialectics, discussions, arguments, proving one’s case, patience, understanding and taking everything for what it is. We also strongly believe in having fun - developing a game should be something we enjoy, not a full time job that is killing us softly.

We do believe that all humans can be mistaken and that we ourselves are capable of making plenty of mistakes. We also believe that we can work together to learn from our mistakes and experiences, as well as the mistakes and experiences of others, and that we can use them to self-improve - both on an individual level through co-operating on this project, and also as game developers, roles in which we strive to be as professional as possible.

We do believe that it’s fully realistic and possible to pull this off. We know from our own experience that the creation of an open source customizable card game (CCG) will is very hard, challenging and takes hideous amounts of time and resources. It is at times a sweaty, messy and bloody trial. We are also confident that we will accomplish our goals.

This means that contributors are free to add whatever they want, as long that game balance is respected, it doesn’t becomes compulsory (so players have a freedom of choice ingame, including to NOT do some quests), and it DOESN’T BREAKS PIPELINES. In other words, the content must work. We often help on this last requisite, although for personal reasons, one dev or another might refuse to help.

This doesn’t means we’re saying you cannot add your content. This only means some devs will not feel confortable working with certain things and their freedom to help doesn’t forces them to help. We have the manuals on this repository, and we believe that everyone is capable to develop their content, even if every dev refused to help.

Remember that in case of fight, everyone is capable to back-fire with more content. So, for example, if you add a graveyard for the game, and an angry developer add a Priest class which have a massive advantage against undead - as long that game balance is kept somehow (eg. priests could be weak against everything else), both patches will most likely be accepted.