Moubootaur Legends Wiki

Executive Ingame Team


The Administrator is above all other members. They are also responsible for keeping the server alive, including by sponsoring and maitenance. Have most if not all permissions. Not necessarily have any control or influence over game development or balance.

They are divided in two subgroups: #### Server Administrator This level gives direct access to remote server, making them responsible for updates, server security, and others. Usually, Server Admins are also Game Admins. When they’re not, they can make themselves if they want.

Members at this rank: Jesusalva

Game Administrator

Cannot deploy an update, but can take down the map-server if necessary. Have maximum access on the game. Knowns the password needed to change any player data, permanently.

Members at this rank: Saulc

Administrators are limited to the current list. When one admin resigns/leave, the community will elect a new one to take their place, or extinct that vacant slot. This is because they can deal with sensitive data. They most likely know your password.

Game Maintainer

The Game Maintainer is responsible for the game. They’re responsible for finding exploits, banning players in the ADMIN’s stead, making events, and can even disable a NPC at the server if it is found buggy. If they know or don’t know your password is still not proven.

This is a high-trust position. Any admin may revoke a GM’s position permanently, if necessary. The board may also decide so (but an admin needs to execute that).

When requested, the community will have a poll to name and vote candidates. The three most voted members will compose the “Triple List”. The Board (current Admins + Game Maintainers) will then elect ONE to assume the job, but can train all three. If none of them is found suitable, the proccess may be aborted.

Members at this rank: Crazyfefe, demure

Development Team

The development team is open for all community, and DO NOT necessarily have any sort of access or control over the remote server. They do not respond to the executive team.


Responsible for overseeing server development, and warning server admins for update. They can push their changes directly at master branch.

Members at this rank: 4144, Jesusaves, Saulc


Someone who did a good number of decent contributions. They can push branches directly to tree, and request Merge Request. Once they are known for doing passable content without breaking pipelines, they’re granted the Maintainer title.

Members at this rank: Aric Ross, SkyDragon, Crazyfefe, Denis, Pihro, Joshua Chang, Kohlingen, LawnCable, Macéo, Manuel, Micksha, MerlinX420, Rakinorf, Soren, WoKOnago, acsvln, ayruss


Anyone in community may take this role by Requesting Access. By doing patches and having them submitted, they can ascend to Developer.

Members at this rank: Penkie, Pookie, rusty dusty

Crow - Community Adviser

This special rank grants access to social networks: IRC, Discord, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Steam etc.

Members at this rank: Saulc

Financial Team

Sponsors and Patreon Masters can affect how money is used.

Members at this rank: Saulc, GonzoDark