Moubootaur Legends Wiki

By playing the game, you agree to be bound to the Terms of Service, available solely and exclusively at

Not following these rules may result in temporary or permanent block to use our services. If you are found trying to circumnvent this block, your account may be deleted and you may be forbidden to further interact with our servers, make uses of our services, or bind further contracts with us.

Circumventing or trying to, the deny of further interactions, make use of services and/or bind further contracts is considered, between others, a ToS violation, and you may be LEGALLY LIABLE for doing so.

  1. You must be at the computer to play. Using a bot while at computer will be tolerated. Failure to respond to other players and/or GMs in a timely manner will be viewed as unacceptable AFK botting. And you’ll spend a night in the jail.
  2. Do not spam nor flood. This includes repeating yourself, or spamming an action (eg. trying to skip a dialog like a crazy clicker).
  3. Do not trade invalid items, or try to cheat on trades.
  4. Respect other players. This includes but is not limited to using offensive language in nicknames or chat, and begging items or favours to other players.
  5. The public chat is to be understood by everyone. Therefore, try to use english when possible.
  6. Do not create multi accounts. A person may only hold one account and as many chars as allowed by the server/client. Staff members with special privileges in-game may have a second account without those privileges.
  7. You agree to be bound to the Terms Of Service.
  8. The use of real money for ingame items/experience/etc. is strictly prohibted, except by sponsoring.
  9. Admit when you’re wrong. By lying or trying to fool a GM, you forsake the right to protest.
  10. Do not logout at Botcheck area or at Jail. We cannot unjail an offline player. The opposite of rule 9: If you believe you’re right, keep your ground and explain calmly what happened. We’ll calmly analyse the situation. If you were jailed without guilt, an apology will be sent to you, provided this rule is not broken.
  11. IfIf you believe you are Not Guilty, but the GM deemed you guilty, request a Council Trial. It’s your right. In a Council Trial, we’ll have multiple people giving the veredict. Any player may be called to compose the council. All admins shall take part in it. An arragment relative to time, date, and number of counsellors is to be made.

The Administrators of the project (TMW2/Moubootaur Legends) are the only ones with sufficient capability to solve any dispute about these rules and the Terms of Service. Any and all questions should be brought to them.

The Administrators may be identified and contacted at About Page and are legally the ones with root access to server.

These rules may conflict with the ones provided in-game by the @rules command. Shall this happen, the rules provided by @rules shall prevail.

Here are some GM guidelines for players. They are NOT imperative, and the ToS prevail.

Usually, failure to comply with rule 1 will result in jailing for a few hours. If this behavior is recurrent, a few hours may become a day or more.

You are allowed to complain about a jail time even if you are wrong. Failure to comply with rule 9 or rule 4 will forsake this right.

Rule 10 and 11 aren’t imperative either, as they’re directives to players. Specially when you’re not guilty.

All the other rules are critical rules, and failure to comply to them might result in a ban, a permanent prohibtion to use the service, or at worst case, a legal sue (if you are trying to DDoS the server, for example. That’s spamming >.>) Other penalties may include an automatic disconnection by the server (for example, when you are trying to skip dialogs way too fast).

You may also be jailed for the other rules, for different times. Except when you break rule 9, you can also try to negotiate a different punishment. We are fair, not strict. If you don’t want to go to jail but doesn’t minds losing a level for AFK botting the last hour (this comes with a free status reset O.o), you can try to negotiate this with a GM.

However, the decision to change this is up to the GM. You can also ask an Admin, any Admin with legit root access to the server, to review it if you find the GM was too harsh. Remember everyone here is a volunteer. Nobody is getting paid to do this job. Sponsor money goes to the server and the project, not to us. Be polite, and remember you might hear a “no”, too.

One last thing. You have the right to request a Council Trial. If you do, be sure you’re NOT GUILTY - The Council Trial is not to review sentences. During a Council Trial, you’ll be judged by all Admins (usually), and players may/will also take part on it. This is a measure so the community have at least some power over GM decisions, as they do not get to elect GMs here. A Game Master shall not deny this right, however, any sentence they proclamed will be kept in full effect until the council meets and deliberates on your case. >>>