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Moubootaur Legends

Feature List

Moubootaur Legends have way more features than we can count. We decided to document a few of them. Be aware there are more.

Daily Login Rewards

Login during the whole month to get a special gift which changes every season. There is a reward waiting for you each day.

Easter Eggs

By finding out secret places, you may get [Strange Coins] for being clever. There are several other easter eggs, though. From secret passages to text references. Watch out for them! ;-)

Rare Shop

We do have various rare items, but unobtainable is not our cup of tea. During events, you get [Strange Coins] which can then be exchanged by said rares.

Automatic Events

Yep, we have GMs to do events, but why would we rely on Game Masters only when they can get busy? Our Monster King will automatically siege whole towns at random so players can have events even when all GMs are sleeping (depending on game story state)

There is also a happy hour every Sunday at 18h UTC. During this happy hour, Experience Rate is raised.

Also, be careful. The Monster King likes to roam maps even when disconnected. Players are advised to leave him alone, his moods are not really great…

Cooperative Quests

Bring your friends if you want to have a chance at completing!

Our biggest quest currently is the Yeti King Quest. There are also dungeons for that.

Party Versus Party

Player Versus Player is cool, but we have a dungeon which opens each hour for the first 15 minutes, which are designed so parties can fight against other parties.

Advanced Guild System

See Guilds page for info about them and about Raid Parties.

Guild Alchemy System

Guilds can research new alchemy recipes by gaining levels and using their money. Once a recipe is unlocked (it is not trial and error, don’t worry), it will be available for all Guild members.

Guild Roles

See the Guilds page.

Guild Storage

Some members with role have access to a storage for the Guild. There is no way to know who took what, nor who put what in there, so Guild Masters should be careful with whom they grant the MEMBER role! (See Guilds page for more information).

Guild Vault

The Guild money resources can also be used as a shared bank by leaders, viceleaders and treasurers.

Arena Quirino Voraz

A PVP arena loosely based on Hunger Games™, originally done by fans for TMW-BR, but fixed and now working properly.

Grand Hunter Quests

In Moubootaur Legends, Botting is allowed as long that you’re NOT Away from Keyboard. You can take quests to kill 10,000 of a certain monster type if you feel like it.

Monster Points

Kill monsters and get mob points, exchangeable for junk. Some of this junk might be rare. You need to sign up with Aidan before getting the points.

Rare Drops

Almost every monster have a rare drop on them. If you kill them for long enough, these shiny items will start to appear. Some of those are cool weapons.

But be warned, getting a specific one could take days or months depending on your luck.


Need money, is patient and don’t want to kill monsters? You can always sit near a lake or river and start fishing where the fishes are. For that, you’ll need the Fishing Rod.

And for this item, the quest shows you the hidden passages in the oldest city in the game, the ancient city-state of Tulimshar…


The main reward for Grand Hunter Quest, and ranking at the first place from a yearly event. To get them with GHQ, you must pay the Pet Detective’s fee first.

We advise new pet owners to buy the Petcaring Book from Rare Shop.

Elemental Attacks

Hit a monster on their weak element to maximize damage!

Magic System

In Tulimshar, there is a building where you can learn over 30 different skills and spells. But… Do you have enough magic power to learn them all?

Note: The magic skills are self-service; Here, you are not restricted to a “class”, but can make your own gameplay.

Ingame Weather and Day/Night Cycle

During night monsters are more active. It may rain at random, too, so be careful to don’t get too wet. (Only cosmetic effect…. for now.)

Candor Battle

A tradicional arena, where you can fight with others against monsters. The more waves you survive, the better you rank on Candor Leaderboard.

Great Quests

Some Quests are simply great on themselves, like the Dark Invocator or Petty Thief. Some are challenging. There are too many to list here.

Some other are featured not because they’re amazing, but by their meaning, like Blood Donor quest. You can read about most quests (some are secret, after all!) at the Quests page.

Full Equipment Set Bonuses

If you equip a whole equipment set, a hidden bonus will automatically trigger itself.


Some boss are hidden, while others are discretly roaming dungeons with their particle effects and optional armies.

Use @monsterinfo to learn more about a BOSS before attempting to engage it.

Season System

Yes, there are quests which can only be done on summer/autumn/winter/spring. There are season-exclusive drops, too.

World Story and Global Quests

Some quests are so important, that all players are automatically doing them togheter. Complete some of Hurnscald Daily Quests to make the town prosper.

The world have a story on its own, being built by all players. This story affects everyone!

World Exploratorion

This world is very big. You will take more than a whole day to see all the maps. Some maps can only be visited by doing a special quest or finding a secret passage.

Like, a town which can only be visited if you go there by swimming… :>


Not in the light path? There are vaults to steal. Not even monsters are safe from the thieves slippery hands.


You can be the strongest player alive. And have your name in a statue in Tulimshar. We also slowly and steadly raise level cap so players who stopped playing don’t stay on first place forever.

Real Estate System

Ever wanted to live ingame? Well, you can.

Rent the house in Hurnscald Middle, or rent a house in the forsaken part from LoF Village, which will be owned by you for a month and nobody else can get in if you set a password. Yes, there will be a sign with your name in the front door.

If you are poor and don’t care for inviting friends to drink a tea in an awesome house, you can also rent an apartment in Frostia for a much lower price. In future, you’ll be able to brew potions in the comfort of your home, too! (Bugs may be present on RES system, please report)

Equipment Refine System

In the Land Of Fire Village, you can refine weapons and armors. The bonus will NOT be displayed, but they’ll get stronger nonetheless.

Daily Quests

There is always something to do on the game (or we hope so). Daily quests are a good way to get money.

Random Treasure

If you get a shovel you can dig in most mines in hopes to find burried treasures. Besides hundreds of randomly burried items every day, there are treasure chests scattered in dungeons, which can be open once every 15 minutes.

The Treasure Chests, along other things, are pseudo-random. In other words, if you get a streak of bad treasure, you’ll raise the chances to get a better treasure later.

Alcohol System

Invite friends to drink Wine or Beer with you. While drunk, your exp gain will rise, at a small attack speed cost. Although the bonus expire upon death, drop rate should increase as well.

Instanced Maps

Some stuff is better to be done alone. That’s why in certain dungeons, you can only get in alone. Nobody else can go in with you, and what’s better - they cannot stop you from going in either!

Soul Menhir and Respawn Points

By default, you’ll respawn at the last town visited. But if you don’t like this, you can disable this behavior using @ucp. Once disabled, you may select your respawn point by touching Soul Menhirs in towns.

Multi Language Support

ML is fully available in english, but other languages are also supported. At the time of writing, Portuguese Brazilian had over 70% translated. Translators and translation reviewers are always welcome.


Without friends but don’t want to fight alone? Hire a mercenary to go with you. Of course, a friend is cheaper, stronger, and more reliable…


Grow along a partner which will accompain you on the whole journey! …But wait. Who knows how to make artifical lifeforms? Follow the game storyline to learn more…

Present Boxes

Unwrap them. What will you find?

We also have other gacha-like items, for those who feel like all luck in the world belongs to them.


Maybe you’re bothered that the game have too many humans. Would be better if all of the NPCs turned into Mouboos. No problem, we have mod support exactly for that.

If people are willing to work on, you could make everyone in the game a vegan with a single click (and then, Mouboo Steak will become some amazing vegetarian wonder!). But this depends on contributors, of course.

Legendary Weapons

In the world, there are five legendary weapons. A sword, an axe, a bow, a staff and a shield. There are only five, one from each, and are meant for the “five heroes which will defeat the Moubootaur”, according to the sages of destiny.

Do you have what it takes to receive one of those?

Crafting System

Is that awesome weapon not awesome enough to you? The crafting system allows you over 45 different effects to weapons and armors, which you can craft yourself. These goes from simple HP boosts to EXP boosts, double-hit chance, splash damage, etc.

Make yourself the best weapon on the world, or get yourself a supplier.

Meltdown Forge

Well, that’s a cool knife, but I just crafted a bigger sword. What to do with this old weapon? Well, you can sell to a NPC. You can also try to trade with someone. Or, failing all that, there’s a meltdown forge - it’ll melt your knife and return some Iron for you! …For a price, of course.

Riding and Mounting

Rent a Mouboo or a Tortuga to move around faster. There are rumors of a Legendary Mouboo and a Legendary Tortuga, which can attack even when mounted…

Teleport System

There are various ways to travel the world: Be it on foot, facing maps which floods themselves and dangerous paths; By ship, where pirates may attack; With warp crystals, which may break if you use them too often; By artifcats which have huge cooldown and are a bit rare; Or by warp gates, which are instant - but have a price to pay…

AFK Gameplay

Are you so busy you cannot play? At Tulimshar Magic School, you can get experience from sitting. You may also deploy your homunculus to gather loot for you while you do something more important on your second screen.

Remember, botting is allowed, but you must not be AFK!

Pacifist Gameplay

Don’t want to go out there killing creatures? Well, please know fishing, crafting, treasure-opening and other tasks will also give you experience and monster points.

With party share bonuses (maximum level difference to share EXP is 30 levels!), you can play the game avoiding killing monsters as much as possible.

NOTE: Entirely avoiding to kill monsters is not possible; Some monsters need to be killed in order to advance the main story and to get access to ships.

Political System

Albeit in early development stages, it is possible to run for Town Administrator of some major towns (Tulimshar, Halinarzo, Hurnscald, Land Of Fire and Nivalis).

The town will collect taxes and exportations, and the town admin may use this tax money to reinvest in the town: Either in a way that others benefit, or in less ethically correct ways…

Customize your Gameplay

Speed archer? Equip a quiver. Want to kill monsters rapidly? Craft a Setzer with speed options. Need damage and is a master of hit’n’run? Try the two hand weapons. Need all that AND attack speed? The spears are here for a reason. Die too often? Try out a heavy shield.

The many crafting options, magic skills and possible equipment setups allows you to make a custom gameplay which suits you best, and you may use ManaPlus’ Outfit Window to switch these with some ease.

Be eco-friendly

Why eating or storing your Acorn? Plant them, and leave our world more green.


This game is Beta. Lots of bugs and balance problems. Please report everything, or even better, help us building the game ;-)

The game is under active development. If you found out a particulary troublesome gameplay (too powerful or too weak), do not hesit to shout out to us. We strive to have a fair, meritocratic game, where everyone can have fun ;-)