Moubootaur Legends Wiki

Guilds and Parties


A party is a small group up to 12 players, designed for boss raids and such. Besides sharing EXP and loot when convenient, they allow a quick access to info about your party-mates, like map and HP.

Parties have access to the Party Dungeon (currently WIP because lack of interest), and can fight against other parties during the Call Of Dusty hourly event.

Usually, it is a good idea to have the party creation skill, as it is often interesting to create a party whenever you go to a raid with friends. This skill can be learnt with Estard in Tulimshar Townhall.


A Guild is the top tier of player organization. A guild may have from 16 to 56 members, depending on the Guild Expansion level (it is a skill available for the Guild Master only).

Unlike parties, guilds have a stronger sense of loyalty. By joining a guild, it may tax your experience income (up to 50%) for itself. This means you’ll get less experience for yourself, and guild will get more experience for its growth.

Unlike parties, which are of free creation, to form a guild, you need an item. This item is used when the guild is created, so if you decide to disband your guild and create another - you’ll need to pay the tax to Estard again.

To create a guild, you must buy the certificate with Estard, open Social Tab (F11) > Menu, and then select “Create a guild”. Then you’ll unlock access to the Guild Hall, in LoF Village, northwest.

By default, the Guild only have the “GuildMaster” and the “Newbie” positions enabled. But the Captain can enable up to 5 different roles on the Guild Managment. Once enabled, a role cannot be disabled. EXP Tax can be different for each role. The following roles are available once activated:

You can set your member roles by right-clicking them on Social menu.

Unlike parties, guilds have their own storage, vault and experience. The guild can level up to unlock new features (like Guild Storage).

Guilds can gain experience from Guild Events, but the main source of guild exp. is the tax from members.

Saulc and Jesusalva are still developing more content, like Guild versus Guild and Guild Quests, so we cannot say a whole lot about what can be done with guild levels and what can be purchased with guild money.

However, be mindful when inviting a noob to your guild. It is not displayed, but the guild have, besides its own level, an average level of every guild member. Inviting weak players can quickly lower this average and block you from more rewarding quests.

Inviting a weak player will not prove problematic in the long term as the guild, while taking some exp tax away from the player, may grant the player access to resources exclusive to guilds, which may (or may not) help them in getting stronger. For instance, your guild may stock every weapon ingame on the storage.

However if a said weak player become inactive or stops gaining levels, they may harm your guild and you might be forced to kick them.

In last resort, an Admin is capable to change the Guild Master (aka. Captain). This should not be done, but if the founder becomes inactive and every member agrees, Saulc or Jesusalva can transfer the title for another player. By inactive here, we mean at least 30 days without a single login. It is last resort. If you are just unhappy, leave the guild, but be aware players might retaliate you.