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Frequently Asked Questions

Best grinding spots?

In early game (up to lv 30), Giant Maggots on Tulimshar are the best monster to farm. They will one-shot you, so keep distance.

In mid game (after level 50 or so), you can try farming Trolls near Terranite Cave. They give lots of XP, but can be though to kill. If you have AoE skills, you might want to go after Black Scorpions before this one. Terranite Cave is between Nivalis and Hurnscald.

Also, one of the best grinding spots for GP is in Hermit Caves (Hurnscald). It is not the most profitable one, but Arkim (NPC) can pay well (daily quest), you can sell Dagger for 250 GP and Coin Bag for 500 GP. Thus, it is good for new players.

Before that, your best source of income will be fishing, a Common Carp can sell for 57 GP. It requires patience, but if you’re in dire need of money, it’ll help.

To fish, you must complete Eugene Quest.

What is this wiki for?

This is a Development wiki for TMW2: MOUBOOTAUR LEGENDS server. Our official website is:

Where can I get info about the newest updates?

We do not add every new content to live server. Once you completed everything, you might want to wait an announce about the schedule from next release. Consider joining our Discord Channel - on #announces channel, we always warn about next releases.

You can also lurk on IRC (#moubootaur-legends on Libera Chat). And you can always give a shout ingame at #world tab. And of course, you can read the Server News to see if a release happened while you were not seeing. Also available via Atom feed.

Usually we use ISO format, and time to UTC (with a marking UTC near it). In past, w there is no marking of UTC, or when date is not on ISO, time is on CET (GMT +0100), and dates are on the “common” markup: dd/mm/yyyy.

Can I playtest the server before release?

We have a test server but it is restricted to some lead developers, honored guests, and our lovely sponsors.

If you want to see all the new content before everybody else, consider Sponsoring us!

I created an account at the private test server, why can’t I login?

The private test server is meant solely for developers and sponsors. Even if you got the address somewhere, all accounts must be manually approved by a SERVER ADMIN.

The travel is too expensive!

Then do the quests! There’s a lot of money on Candor.

Try also fishing, and selling useless items, or increasing levels before speaking with NPCs.

Lua (in Tulim) and Elmo (on Nard’s ship) can aid you about quests.

The monsters are too strong and I am too weak! (Or I am lost)

Have you allocated points to attributes? Are you reading dialogs, instead of just skipping them? Have you talked to Chef Gado? Have you already completed Zegas and Ayasha quests? Did the Trainer gave you an OK to fight?

You’re not meant to engage foes until you have a minimum of level 3. Also, the game is a little more difficult than others, so if you’re in trouble, call friends! Online players can also help, and sometimes there are people lurking in #world, just invisible.

…The Game Masters, for example. If you need a GM but they are offline, just shout on #world tab that you need help, and they’ll (when possible) login to aid you.

If you’re lost, you can also check the quest log. See one of those countless buttons on the top right side of your screen. Trainer, Lua and Elmo both will help you with quests, strategies, and other minor things too.

The Lag! The Lag is Killing Me!

Try using @resync - it should also be listed on your skill list, by the way. This command will cause a refresh, and force manaplus to sync again with server.

Usually server is doing its own stuff, and ManaPlus decides to work away from server. It’s not unusual for you to hit a mob before it tried to move, cancelling the move on server… and ManaPlus outright ignoring it, and showing as if the monster actually completed the movement. Specially with Squirrels.

You can also use @resyncall to try an overkill at lag. It is so powerful, your client may freeze for a short while while it resync everything. Even the CLOUDS will be resync’ed. Also, Manaplus automatically casts resync when attacking or sitting.

I need to talk with someone away or disconnected, or I want to mount a party to hunt a boss.

If the person is just away, use whisper. For disconnected, or when you want to broadcast a message to everyone online, use the #world tab from the chat: The message will reach every online player, everyone on IRC and by last, everyone on Discord too.

What means TMW-2?

TMW2 is the team name. It was also an acronym for “The Monsters World: Monster Wars”, long long ago.

It is also a reference to “The Mana War, The Monster War” (the two major wars which set the game’s plot in motion).

We are not affiliated with The Mana World.

What’s your posture about Software Freedom?

All freedoms must be respected. Software Freedom is not above individual freedom, and individual freedom is not above software freedom.

Therefore, we will always support libre software (this is why we have IRC channels, for example), but using non-free software is a community decision.

Magic table

Release 17.1 Prelude in Red

Magic Current Requirements

Tier BLvl JLvl bInt
T1 30 15 10
T2 45 25 17
T3 60 35 24
T4 75 45 31
T5 90 55 38
T6 105 65 45
T7 120 75 52

Int Cost per Skill Level: 17

Translations status?

Protip: You can become a translator!

Top translations: TMW-2 » server-data