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1 Stage

Quest Giver: Eugene
Reward: Unknown.
Location: Tulimshar (80,127)

Eugene, the fishman in Artis docks, bought a new fishing rod. He hurried so much to try it out, that he forgot to take enough baits. <text1=“[Small Tentacles]”>You need to bring him 10 {text}.

To Find Eugene: Use the secret passage on Tulimshar walls. To Find Blubs (easiest way): Use the secret passage below Ched. Ched is near Magic Council.

Be careful, because little blubs help each other!

2 Stage

This completes quest

Quest Giver: Eugene
Reward: <text1="[Fishing Rod]">{text1}.
Location: Tulimshar (80,127)

You helped Eugene. As his gratitude, he gave you his old fishing rod. You can use it to catch fish.

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