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Foxhound’s Famine

1 Stage

Quest Giver: Enliven Reva Foxhound
Location: Halinarzo (89,57)

A poor man in Halinarzo asks for food. His family is starving. I should provide him all sort of delicacies.

Costs (Must be provided in order): * 5 Loaves of Bread; He gives you 125gp * 3 Hunks of Cheese; He gives you 75gp * 1 Pink Blobime; He gives you 10gp * 12 Plushrooms; He gives you 180gp * 6 Cave Snake Eggs; He gives you 162gp * 5 Snake Eggs, 5 Loaves of Bread, 5 Hunks of Cheese, 5 Aquadas, 5 Manana fruits

Ah, such a pig. :(

Required Level: 30

2 Stage

This completes quest

Quest Giver: Enliven Reva Foxhound
Reward: <text1="[Bucket]">{text1}
Location: Halinarzo (89,57)

I feed him, and he is forever grateful.

Required Level: 35

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