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Preparing a Party

1 Stage

Quest Giver: Sailors
Reward: Become one of the crew.
Location: Candor Island. (92,99)

Some sailors at beach are planning a party. <text1=“[Beer]”>They need 5 {text} for the party to happen.

Required Level: 8

2 Stage

Quest Giver: Sailors
Reward: Unknown.
Location: La Johanne, Captain's room. (22,27)

<text1=“[Beer]”>The sailors have sufficient {text} for the party. They now want me to invite Elmo, the captain’s assistant, to the party.

3 Stage

This completes quest

Quest Giver: Sailors
Reward: <text1="[Bandana]">1x {text1}, 10 EXP, 1000 GP

Elmo was invited, and with that, the sailors may party.

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