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Contrabandist Aboard

1 Stage

Quest Giver: Alige

You found a contrabandist aboard Nard’s Ship! He needs your help. Bring him the many items he is asking for!

Alige wants: * 30 Cactus Potions * 12 Bread * 12 Cheese * 12 Cherry Cakes * 8 Tonori Water * 6 Haste Potions * 6 Strength Potions * 2 Yellow Dyes * 2 Blue Dyes * 7,500 gp

Required Level: 42

2 Stage

This completes quest

Quest Giver: Alige
Reward: <text1="[Crozenite Four-Leaf Amulet]">{text1}.

I helped Alige. He claims to be lawful now, but I don’t quite believe it. Well, it is hard to get Artis goods around here, so perhaps I did the right thing?

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