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★ - The World’s Curse

1 Stage

WARNING: This is the main quest in the game! It’s not only lengthy, but it have long dialogs! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I better find out who I am. I mean, it is annoying when all you know is your name.

I bet the Ship’s captain can help.

2 Stage

In Tulimshar, after getting out of the ship, I should visit the first building. It is the townhall. Lua should be able to help me.

3 Stage

I was born at Halinarzo but moved at just 4. I must get some levels before attempting such dangerous journey.

Lua will guide me in this endeavor.

4 Stage

Lua said I should use the money to travel to Hurnscald and meet the mayor. However, given ship travels are so expensive… Perhaps I should finish some sidequests around here first?

5 Stage

Airlia, in the city hall, told me the mayor is out. Well, nobody in the city hall seems to be the mayor.

But I need to talk to the Mayor! She doesn’t seems to want to tell me where he went, though.

What can I do? Should I look somewhere? Or perhaps talking to her until she says where the mayor went? Alas, who’s the mayor, anyway? How will I know when I see them?

6 Stage

Hurnscald’s mayor, Rakinorf, should be on the Inn upstairs. That’s usually an area restricted to sponsors, but they did an exception.

7 Stage

Hurnscald’s mayor, Rakinorf, is a complicated man. I should use those Return Potions to reach Halin before they expire.

Once there, I should look for the Library.

8 Stage

Halinarzo’s Librarian asked for three hours. I should do some bandit extermination on the canyon meanwhile.

9 Stage

I listen the real story about missing documents. I should talk to the librarian again.

10 Stage

I listen the real story about missing documents. It was not really epic, it just says the only failure Andrei Sakar ever did. Glad to know he is a person like us. (I hope.)

Anyway, I should go to Hurnscald and talk to the Mayor about reaching the World Edge.

11 Stage

I should go to Nivalis, talk with the Blue Sage for help.

12 Stage

Still in search of my family, I was involved in some conspiracy or other. Seems like someone is looking to get the sages out of picture.

I also learned incredible information about the World… Death. My next stop is Frostia’s Townhall.

13 Stage

Gelid Frozenheart, King of Frostia, welcomed me. And Frostia is said to be the less receptive town… Well, the guard certainly was rude.

He gave me some Real Estate Credits, and I should now book a small apartment in the Inn.

14 Stage

I should get base level 52 and job level 24. Said next mission will be very dangerous. I’m not sure I can finish it Even at minimum required level

Just to be safe, I could try getting a better level.

15 Stage

I was assigned a reconnaissance mission. Investigate a haunted or cursed abandoned old village… …Or something. The King will lead me the way.

I do not have a good feeling about this. I should not only be careful with the traps, But healing items and potions are a must.

If possible, I know a good level makes the difference.

16 Stage

I’ve found out Isbamuth, grand-grand-grand…nephew of the Monster King.

He seems to be raging against the Monster King themselves. Of course, nobody currently likes the Monster King but he wants to succeed as the Monster King.

I also found out about the history of the Monster King And about Homunculus, artificial lifeforms. I’ve even got one myself. Time to report back.

I’m not sure if King Gelid will be pleased with this.

17 Stage

King Gelid ordered me to deliver a letter to LoF Mayors.

I should hurry. The Townhall is in LoF’s Noble District, the uppermost area.

Usually it is closed, but I think I can enter it there.

18 Stage

An item was stolen from LoF’s Witch, Lalica.

I should hurry to Elenium Mines and capture her. Kenton advised me to be ready, at least level 72.

Are the mines really so dangerous?

19 Stage

The thief has been dealt with. I should report back to Kenton.

20 Stage

Kenton has allowed me to use an Airship behind LoF’s Townhall. I need to take it to visit the World’s Edge.

Upon arrival, the Alliance has set an outpost north of it. I should talk with the guard responsible for it.

21 Stage

The current hero will lead a siege on the Fortress Town.

I could help if I feel like doing so, after all, I need to find clues inside the town.

And inside, means the town must be free of monsters.

WARNING: You need to wait further releases to continue this quest!

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