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Sagratha Campaign

1 Stage

Quest Giver: Wyara

Prerequisite: You must have HEALED the Injuried Mouboo.

Wyara told me to visit Sagratha, in order to free the Mouboo from the curse.

2 Stage

Quest Giver: Wyara

Prerequisite: Blue Sage Quest complete. The level requeriment is implicit

Sagratha was not home. Wyara told me to check her house for signs of battle.

Required Level: 36

3 Stage

Quest Giver: Wyara

Sagratha was not home. I should use the secret window to visit some nearby caves. I hope Sagratha is safe and sound.

You’ll have to break three seals. Just walk in them to open the dialog. The breaking will drain your mana, so watch out. Also, do not leave the small chambers while breaking seals.

All options to pass through the chasm to the third Seal works. Except for crafting a bridge, all of them have a chance to fail. To jump, carry at most 1.5kg and make an agi build. To climb the walls, have miner or leather gloves, and focus on strength and vitality. Crafting Skill can be learnt during Player Storyline, in Frostia’s Throne Room.

Take care to don’t be overwhelmed with monsters while breaking seals! Death in this stage will NOT reset already broken seals.

4 Stage

Quest Giver: Wyara

I managed to pass through the magic barrier. I wonder where she could have went?

You’ll need to solve a riddle on the end. Failing to answer it, will cause the seals to break.

The answer is a monster. It may be used as mount. It’s passive but cooperates when attacked in groups. When dead, it drops at least an edible item and a drink. Also, some solitary NPC will mourn the death.

If you still don’t know what is the answer, then you have not paid attention to the lone hut which… …you just used to get here.

5 Stage

Quest Giver: Wyara

Where am I? I’m not seeing Sagratha. Is it just me?

Protip: You can interact with objects. To trigger the quest, move in front to the obelisk. You’ll be entirely frozen during the shortscene. Shortscene ends when both NPCs start walking again.

6 Stage

Quest Giver: Wyara

Mission accomplished, now to leave this place.

7 Stage

This completes quest

Quest Giver: Wyara

Mission accomplished and reward collected. Sagratha can teach me Summoning Magic.

Protip: If Sagratha loathes you, ask Wyara for help.

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