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The item database for the server is stored here: serverdata/db/re/item_db.conf


Mandatory fields

Property Value Type Description
Id (int) Identification number
AegisName (string) Server name to reference the item in scripts and lookups, should use no spaces
Name (string) Name in English for displaying as output for @ and script commands.

Optional fields

Property Value Type Default Description
Type (string) "IT_ETC"
Subtype (int) #SubTypes 0 Item Subtype
Buy (int) Sell * 2 Buy Price (gets overwritten by most stores anyway)
Sell (int) Buy / 2 Sell Price Buy
Weight (int) 0 Item Weight
Atk (int) 0 Weapon’s Attack
Matk (int) 0 Weapon’s Magical Attack (ignored in pre-re)
Def (int) 0 Armor’s Defense
Range (int) 0 Weapon’s Attack Range
MinRange (int) 0 Minimal Attack Range
Slots (int) 0 Amount of slots the item possesses
Job (int) all jobs = 0xFFFFFFFF Jobrestrictions
Upper bitmask array, string or int "ITEMUPPER_ALL" Equippable upper-types. Uses the following bitmasks: Normal jobs: ITEMUPPER_NORMAL (0x01) Upper jobs: ITEMUPPER_UPPER (0x02) Baby jobs: ITEMUPPER_BABY (0x04) Third jobs: ITEMUPPER_THIRD (0x08) Upper Third jobs: ITEMUPPER_THIRDUPPER (0x10) Baby Third jobs: ITEMUPPER_THIRDBABY (0x20)
"SEX_ANY" Gender
Loc (bitmask array, string or int) #EquipmentLocation - Equip location (required value for equipment)
WeaponLv (int) 0 Weapon Level
EquipLv (int) or [min, max] 0 Equip required level (alternative syntax can specify min / max level)
Refine (boolean) true Refineable
DisableOptions boolean false (!!for equipment only!!) [Smokexyz]
ViewSprite (int) 0 Sprite view ID
Sprite (int) 0 SpriteID
BindOnEquip (boolean) false
ForceSerial (boolean) false
BuyingStore (boolean) false
Delay (int) 0 Delay to use item
FloorLifeTime (int) default flooritem_lifetime Delay to remove item from ground {{What time unit?}}
KeepAfterUse (boolean) false
DropAnnounce (boolean) false
AllowPickup (boolean) true
Charm (boolean) false
Identified (boolean) true
RequiredStr (int) 0 required strength
RequiredAgi (int) 0 required agility
RequiredVit (int) 0 required vitality
RequiredInt (int) 0 required intellect
RequiredDex (int) 0 required dexterity
RequiredLuk (int) 0 required luck
RequiredMaxHp (int) 0 required max hp
RequiredMaxSp (int) 0 required max sp
RequiredAtk (int) 0 required attack
RequiredMAtkMin (int) 0 required minimal magic attack
RequiredMAtkMax (int) 0 required maximum magic attack
RequiredDef (int) 0 required defence
RequiredMDef (int) 0 required magic defence
RequiredSkill (int) 0 required skill
UseEffect (int) -1 effect if use/equip item success
UseFailEffect (int) -1 effect if use/equip item failed
UnequipEffect (int) -1 effect if unequip item success
UnequipFailEffect (int) -1 effect if unequip item failed
Trade #TradeLimitations (defaults to no restrictions) Trade restrictions
Nouse #UseLimitations
Script #Scripts - Script to execute when the item is used/equipped.
OnEquipScript #Scripts - Script to execute when the item is equipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected.
OnUnequipScript #Scripts - Script to execute when the item is unequipped. Warning, not all item bonuses will work here as expected.
OnDropScript #Scripts -
#Scripts -
#Scripts -


For weapons, the types are:

W_FIST      0: Bare fist
W_DAGGER    1: Daggers
W_1HSWORD   2: One-handed swords
W_2HSWORD   3: Two-handed swords
W_1HSPEAR   4: One-handed spears
W_2HSPEAR   5: Two-handed spears
W_1HAXE     6: One-handed axes
W_2HAXE     7: Two-handed axes
W_MACE      8: Maces
W_2HMACE    9: Unused
W_STAFF    10: Staves
W_BOW      11: Bows
W_KNUCKLE  12: Knuckles
W_MUSICAL  13: Musical instruments
W_WHIP     14: Whips
W_BOOK     15: Books
W_KATAR    16: Katars
W_REVOLVER 17: Reveolvers
W_RIFLE    18: Rifles
W_GATLING  19: Gatling guns
W_SHOTGUN  20: Shotguns
W_GRENADE  21: Grenade launchers
W_HUUMA    22: Fuuma shurikens
W_2HSTAFF  23: Two-handed staves

For ammo, the types are:

A_ARROW       1: Arrows
A_DAGGER      2: Throwable daggers
A_BULLET      3: Bullets
A_SHELL       4: Shells
A_GRENADE     5: Grenades
A_SHURIKEN    6: Shuriken
A_KUNAI       7: Kunai
A_CANNONBALL  8: Cannon balls
A_THROWWEAPON 9: Throwable items (Sling Item)


Equipment’s placement. A value needs to be specified if the item is an equipment piece. Values are (bitmask arrays are supported):

Description String Value Bit Value
Lower Headgear: EQP_HEAD_LOW (2^00 = 0x000001)
Weapon: EQP_HAND_R or EQP_WEAPON (2^01 = 0x000002)
Garment: EQP_GARMENT (2^02 = 0x000004)
Accessory 1: EQP_ACC_L (2^03 = 0x000008)
Armor: EQP_ARMOR (2^04 = 0x000010)
Shield: EQP_HAND_L or EQP_SHIELD (2^05 = 0x000020)
(Both Hands): EQP_ARMS (EQP_HAND_L
Footgear: EQP_SHOES (2^06 = 0x000040)
Accessory 2: EQP_ACC_R (2^07 = 0x000080)
(Both Accessories): EQP_ACC (EQP_ACC_R
Upper Headgear: EQP_HEAD_TOP (2^08 = 0x000100)
Middle Headgear: EQP_HEAD_MID (2^09 = 0x000200)
Costume Top Headgear: EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP (2^10 = 0x000400)
Costume Mid Headgear: EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_MID (2^11 = 0x000800)
Costume Low Headgear: EQP_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW (2^12 = 0x001000)
Costume Garment/Robe: EQP_COSTUME_GARMENT (2^13 = 0x002000)
Ammunition: EQP_AMMO (2^15 = 0x008000)
Shadow Armor: EQP_SHADOW_ARMOR (2^16 = 0x010000)
Shadow Weapon: EQP_SHADOW_WEAPON (2^17 = 0x020000)
Shadow Shield: EQP_SHADOW_SHIELD (2^18 = 0x040000)
Shadow Shoes: EQP_SHADOW_SHOES (2^19 = 0x080000)
Shadow Accessory 2: EQP_SHADOW_ACC_R (2^20 = 0x100000)
Shadow Accessory 1: EQP_SHADOW_ACC_L (2^21 = 0x200000)
(Shadow Accessories): EQP_SHADOW_ACC (EQP_SHADOW_ACC_R


The data type for the (#Trade)[Trade Restrictions Property]:

    override: GroupID            (int, defaults to 100)
    nodrop: true/false          (boolean, defaults to false)
    notrade: true/false        (boolean, defaults to false)
    partneroverride: true/false   (boolean, defaults to false)
    noselltonpc: true/false    (boolean, defaults to false)
    nocart: true/false          (boolean, defaults to false)
    nostorage: true/false        (boolean, defaults to false)
    nogstorage: true/false      (boolean, defaults to false)
    nomail: true/false          (boolean, defaults to false)
    noauction: true/false        (boolean, defaults to false)


{{ Is it used? }}

Nouse: {
    override: GroupID            (int, defaults to 100)
    sitting: true/false        (boolean, defaults to false)


Script: <"
    (it can be multi-line)

Not yet included in this wiki

AllowCards: {
    idNUM: amount        (NUM is id number, amount is amount)
AllowAmmo: {
    idNUM: something      (NUM is id number)

Are these properties used?


The item database on the client is found under /clientdata/raw/master/items.xml.

Required Properties

[ this section is work in progress ]

Property Value Type Default Description

Optional Properties

[ this section is work in progress ]

Property Value Type Default Description
dye_string string in dyestring format - A value to give an item another color, is used for metal ingots, where they all have color variations of the same base sprite. See