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The Creation
Time is non-existant in this boundless dimension.
There, in an azure color, lies Mana.
Peace. Quietude. The Mana is there as it always have been.

Until one day. The Day Zero. When time started running.
Nobody knows who or what stirred this.
Mana started to move restlessly, as time and space formed around it.
It was not a peaceful azure anymore.

Whatever did that, kept operating. The Mana Sphere exploded.
Infinite combinations happened all at once.
But at same time, none of them ever happened.
Whatever did that, kept continuing.

The Mana Sphere could be gone, but it left footprints.
Void marks of its existence were kept.
New spaces, new times, new realities happened where it once was.
These realities would soon disconnect forever.

The ones which did not disconnected and vanished into nothingness,
Could testimony the Great Compression. The “first God” happened.
Whatever did that, was now silent.
Soon, no reality would stay connected to the original one.

Some realities broke into others, altering history itself.
It was as if they always were the same one.
Whatever did that, silently witnessed the changes.
Whatever did that, kept evolving Mana, for purposes only known to itself.

This is not the original reality.
Rather, it came to be from the creation.
It was one of the last to disconnect itself.
It resembles the original reality, but it is not.
We evolved to a superior plane of existence.

Or so, the poets say.
The First Era During the early ages, when agriculture was not so developed, raids from different tribes were common. In a political agreement, many small human tribes at Toonori formed the first city state in the World Of Mana: Tulishmar. This became year zero.

Under the leadership of Janett Platinum, the first queen, Tulishmar built the first walls. This amazing breakthrough granted the city the peace it needed to prosper. Over the next two centuries, many humans would gather at Tulishmar. This continued over many years, resulting in the city being totally rebuilt multiple times.

Inspired by Tulishmar innovation, a wall to protect them from hostilities, Nivalis and Hurnscald were founded, by independent people. Given time, some “barbarians” (people from other races) started moving to human cities. Hurnscald was the first one to accept this immigration.

The First Era came to an end after the Red Queen’s death. Her rule was regarded as an iron-fist rule. The impopularity of this brought to the first civil war in a long time. The Red Queen was murdered, Tulishmar suffered major damage, and a council took over the city.
The Second Era The Council which took over Tulishmar spent trillions of Gold Pieces in research. Hurnscald and Nivalis joined their research efforts. Thanks to many small time corruptions and negligence, the great fire happened.

Due the Great Fire, world went in a collapse state. Eith the economy ruined, living anywhere was unsustainable. Other races formed convoys and left the continent. Nobody ever heard from these convoys again at that time. However, during that, the first Mana Stone was found in Kolev, where the town of Artis was later built.

It was found out that the Mana Stone could make an intense mana flow on living beings, and this flow allowed people to use magic. With magic, they survived the Great Fire and the world wide crisis which ensued.

Some people, however, tried to force the Mana Stones to give them more power. That resulted in their deathes - Mana Stones are not sentient. When they believed it was refusing them, it was in fact reacting to a lack of ability to receive a free mana discharge.

Deciding it was too dangerous, Tulishmar’s council, along some greedy leadership from the other cities, took control over every Mana Stone, and named themselves the Magic Council. Raid, the great archmage, leaded the Council.
The Mana War, The Monster War Taking over the mana stones was not seen very well by common people. Saul, a populist leader, assembled armies from every specie, to overthrow the Magic Council. They could not use magic, but they had a massive numerical advantage. They planned a war, and estimated a causality rate of around 90%.

Thankfully, before they could kill themselves and bring extinction to all races, Fefe came along. Unlike the others, Fefe could use magic. He aided Saul’s plans.

In the year 300 AT (After Tulishmar), over fifty thousand people attacked the Magic Tower. They were no match against Raid and the wizards. However, what seemed a won fight by Raid, would soon change by Fefe’s actions.

Fefe managed to teleport inside the Mage Tower, and pierced Raid in a surprise blow. Then, an earthquake happened. The tower crumbled down, killing various wizards. The fight stopped at once. The situation had changed.

Raid did not died from that blow. Assembling some wizards, he decided to check the room where mana stones were being kept. Saul, Fefe and some of their warriors followed them. However, the room was empty. All stones were stolen. They never thought someone even more greedy than the Magic Council could have planned to use Saul’s revolution to steal everything for themselves.

Using the earthquake as a distraction, the thieves got away. To everyone despair, along the thiefs, there was a particular one who had incredible magical compatibility. One compatibility which only appears once every millenium, according to their studies.

Even with the highest compatibility possible, it was not absolute. That thief tried to force all Mana Stones into their body, in a different way than usual. Of course it would not go nicely. The Thief became the Monster King, and the mana stones gave birth to monsters, draining themselves completly in the process.

Hence, the once peaceful World Of Mana was plagued with monsters. Killing they was not suffice, as they always came back to life later. Sometimes, the Monster King assembled monster armies and attacked the biggest human towns. With time, they became skilled at survival.
The Third Era With most of mages dead, and most stones lost, magic was restricted once again, but this time with a good reason for that. The Third Era started officially when a convoy by ship arrived at Hurnscald, at 320 AT.

Some of the descendants of explorers who had left Tonori during the Great Fire, came back. They reported that they had built the great city states of Artis on Kolev, and that once again they would be able to give aid.

As the Tritans kept the sea clear from monsters, trade routes were established. The world started flourishing again, despite the constant threat of the Monster King. They extracted Mana Stones from the new continent, but as a rule, only the most skilled ones could have access to it.

With a meritocracy-based system to give access to magic, and thanks to the fear of the Monster King, no more civil wars for those stones happened. It was thanks to the rebirth of magic that the five (?) great human city-states could survive.

And here we are, the year is 419 AT. Nobody discovered how to fix the mess the Mana War caused. Life continues, even during the sporadic Monster Wars. The Monster King became more active in the past three years. This can only announce one thing: The Third Era, marked by monster wars and the monster king threat, is coming to a close.

The Three Great Sages Of Fate warned all beings about it. There is no need for a hero to be born - heroes are made, not born. The Secret Of Mana will soon be found, and more than that, it will be revealed to all. The term they used for “revealed” was “apocalypse”. Unrest grows, as people wonder - will it be the salvation of the living beings at World Of Mana, or will it be the World’s last breath?

We hope for the former one.

Present Time At 418 AT, The Monster King started being more active, and invaded several cities. During the times he acted most, he caused the Land Of Fire - a whole parallel world - to crash in our Mana World. This caused a disaster without precendents, monsters strength was changed thousand of times, items acted like a yoyo, and Mana Quakes still happen, causing dramatic geographic changes every now and then.

Players were capable to take back Hurnscald, but the Monster King was not there. They were also unable to defeat the Monster King during Nivalis Liberation Day. His words were: “It won’t be too long now, my dear.”

He have since then been silently wandering the world. It is not known why. Researchers suggest he have been collecting something, but nobody knows why. The Land of Fire crash added a lot more magic to the world - but was it the Secret Of Mana? We don’t know. But this can only mean it is getting closer to happen.

Will we have a fourth era? Or will the third era be our last one? Only the adventurers will decide this.
Secret Of Mana It is a secret. What did you expected? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: