Moubootaur Legends Wiki

Human Race

Humans are the predominant species in World Of Mana. Highly intelligent, highly creative, and very versatile.

Elfs & Rajin

The left ones at image:

Elfs are intelligent, have superb hearing, but are not very creative. They have higher magical affinity than other races, and are present in human towns. Live longer than humans.

The right ones at image:

They usually hear hats to get mistaken with humans. Much of their community, culture and history is not known. They can usually be found at Hurnscald.

They have a sightly above average constituition and strength, but sightly below average intelligence. They tend to live as humans and compose part of Hurnscald city guard. Like the elfs, they also have high magical affinity. Live the same time as humans.


They have superb smelling and vision, and can survive any danger by stealth. In the brink of extinction. Look like aliens.

Orcs & Redys

The left ones at image:

Green beings, Orcs are highly resistant to damage, and very strong. Usually nomads. They used to be in similar numbers than humans and raid human’s cities until Tulimshar was founded. After that, their numbers rapidly dimmed.

The right ones at image:

Red-skinned, they usually live in very hot places, where other races are not able to withstand the heat without special magic or equipment. Only a few are living at surface.

Maybe there is a last community of Redy’s inside the depths of a volcano, or maybe they’re almost extinct. Like orcs, they also used to be nomads.


Blue people, Tritans live in the sea. Rumors says they have a city underwater, but without proper magic or equipment this cannot be confirmed. The ones who come to surface are usually sailors or living in port towns, as they don’t like and can’t live away from water.


Nothing is known about this legendary race, other than they are able to transform themselves in any other as easily as making an haircut.

Rumors say the members of this legendary race would be stronger than any other race. Believed to be extinct, it would be virtually impossible to know if a Savior walks among us without them deciding to reveal themselves.

All images are from The Mana World: rEvolt