Moubootaur Legends Wiki

In-Game Commands

Several commands are available ingame. They can be used in the chat.

Command Function
@commands Brings up a list of all @ commands in the general chat window
@hominfo Shows homunculus status
/mi “monster name” Shows detailed information about specific monster
@scoreboard, @scoreboards Bring up categorized player “Top of” lists
@resync Corrects your client-side position.
@resyncall Re-synchronizes client with server.
@tutorial, @info Shows the ingame help and reference book.
@homunculus Shows a tutorial about Homunculus.
@duel Creates a duel “room”
@ucp User Control Panel. Lets you change game options.
@welcome Warps you to Candor, to meet a new player.
@toevent Tries to warp you to event area, if appliable.
@lang Changes your game language
@translate script Gives you a link to translate “script”
@grantpower Transference for Legendary Items
@rules Show you the game rules
@rates Show you the current global EXP/DROP rates
/navigate “x,y” Move your character to designated coordinate. (use F10 to see coordinate)

Note: This list is incomplete.