Moubootaur Legends Wiki

Every now and then, a Game Master (GM) may stir up an event.

An example would be an attack of the Monster King, a period where experience gain is increased, an item hunt for some nobleman, monsters extermination tasks, or even something else.

Even something insane, like Kill the GM, or an unexplained sudden increase in monster population.

These are warned via broadcast. The more you login, the higher the chance to see a broadcast about an event!

There are also Global Events, which are announced with more antecedence. The rewards for these are higher and items featured in those tend to take longer before showing again.

« Notes » * In order to participate, you must have cleared the Prologue. * The fact of not having sufficient level does not prevent player from taking part. * GMs may create different event variations for players of different levels. * Items appearing in events may appear again. * We may send a newsletter using the email you provided us at register. You can unsubscribe at the email link.