Moubootaur Legends Wiki

Alcohol System

Disclaimer: You must be of legal age of 18 (or 21) levels old in order to drink. This game does not encourage drinking by minors.

Although it makes no sense whatsoever, if you drink alcoholic drinks you’ll get a temporary experience bonus which will persist until you die or time runs out.

If you mix drinks, time will stack, but a ponderate average will become the effect. If you drink too much, you may die! There’s an option to don’t allow lethal overdrinking, but in this case, the beverage is lost. This is determined by vit.

Drink EXP Time
Beer 10% 15 m
Wine 25% 30 m
Sake 50% 50 m
Rum 70% 80 m
Ale 100% 140m

If you drink while other players are nearby, you’ll get a 1.5% additional EXP UP effect per player. This is capped to the drink EXP.

In general, drinking is a good way to level up rapidly, being a good money investment. If you’re a warrior, you may need to use the money with alcohol in order to make up for the slower killing rates.

Note: Drinking will also boost DROP rates in the same rate.